Sculpture@Bathers Exhibition
Rima Zabaneh
Dawn Gamblen
Dawn Gamblen

Sculpture@Bathers Exhibition

Exhibition of Sculpture at Kidogo Arthouse, Bathers Beach, Fremantle


Sculpture@Bathers is returning to Fremantle's favourite location..

DATES: 14th March - 29th March 2015

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Kidogo Arthouse Gallery and the surrounding Bathers Beach Arts Precinct area, Fremantle, Western Australia

Contributing sculptors:
60+ (TBC. See list below)


Friday 15th March 2013 at 6pm: Official Opening

Tuesday 1st April: Exhibition ends.
(The exhibition will overlap the second half of Cottesloe's Sculpture by the Sea, The Fremantle Blues & Roots Festival and Easter).

Media contact details: Joanna Robertson and Leela Gosfield, Kidogo Arthouse, Bathers Beach, Fremantle. Tel: 93359636.

Sculpture@Bathers is an invitational exhibition that will showcase only Western Australian sculpture - works by WA's best known and most senior artists, plus works by emerging younger sculptors that we have identified as very well worth watching.

"Sculpture@Bathers" is a project that celebrates the unique character of Western Australian sculpture at this moment in time.
The home grown nature of this exhibition identifies and showcases the studio works of a generation of sculptors, many of whose work has only recently come to prominence through the advent of Public Art.
This exhibition aims to place the sculptors and their practice front and centre in what is the most exciting and spectacular venue at Bathers Beach in Fremantle.
Set against the historic background of the West End of Fremantle and the Indian Ocean it will reclaim an important space for artists in Fremantle not seen since the days of the Fremantle studios of the 70’s and 80’s.
The representation of sculptors spans the generations and the “coming together” is motivated by a common purpose, goodwill and camaraderie. The public will have the opportunity to see and understand the story that is Western Australian Sculpture - a story told by the artists unmediated by external priorities.
The artists have an open brief to make works that best represent them and that where possible take into account the location.
Whilst most of the works will be outdoors, some will be displayed in the Kidogo Arthouse Gallery on Bathers Beach.
The venue has as all the amenities including public transport and the wider Fremantle experience at its doorstep".

The exhibition is the brainchild of Tony Jones and Joanna Robertson. Tony Jones is a senior WA sculptor who has taught a generation of WA sculptors at TAFE and is very highly regarded amongst his peers. Joanna Robertson is a professional artist who, 15 years ago, established the independent art centre, Kidogo Art Institute and Kidogo Arthouse on Bathers Beach in Fremantle. Kidogo was a finalists in the WA Tourism Awards this year for our work in promoting an interest in Indigenous Culture.

Kidogo Arthouse is a beautifully restored, historic stone building and gallery on the water's edge of Bathers' Beach. The surrounding area, called the "Bathers Beach Arts Precinct", is the most idyllic setting to exhibit great sculpture.

As the exhibition will be the largest exhibition of sculpture in Fremantle that anyone can remember…! This exhibition will be run under Fremantle Chamber of Commerce banner because of its potential to generate a substantial boost to the local business community.

The exhibition is enthusiastically supported by the Fremantle business community, WA artists, Artsource and the wider arts community, the Indigenous artists community, the Notre Dame community and the Fremantle school community.

Please see below for details, the list of the amazing sculptors who will be exhibiting.
SCULPTURE@BATHERS List of Sculptors exhibiting:

Alessandra di Rossi
Alex & Nicole Mickle
Amanda Verschuren & Pam Boyd-Goggin
Angela McHarrie
Anne Neil
Belinda Mettam
Ben Jones
Carmel Warner
Clare Bailey
Daniel Iley
David Kenworthy
Dawn Gamblen
Denise Pepper
George Haynes
Gordon Mitchell
Greg James
Helen Seiver
Holly Story
Ian Dowling
Jasper Cook
Janine McAullay Bott
Jason Maxlow
Jean Marc Rivalland
Jennie Nayton
Jenny Anderson
Jon Denaro/Bec Juniper
Judith Forrest
Jon Tarry
Kat Black
Kathy Allam
Kath Wheatley
Linde Ivimey
Lorenna Grant
Louise Morrison
Mandy Harwood
Matt Dickmann
Melanie Maclou
Merrick Belyea
Michael O'Doherty
Minaxi May
Nicole Mickle
Nick Compton
Odd Anderson
Olivia Samec
Olga Cironis
Pam Langdon
Peter Knight
Peter Zapper
Phil Gamblen
Pierre Capponi
Rhett Jones
Richard Fry
Rima Zabenah
Rose Skinner
Russel Sheridan
Sharyn Egan
Sigrid Ranze
Steve Tepper
Stuart Elliott/Sue Starcken
Sue Flavell
Thomas de Munk-Kirkmeer
Tim Burns
Tim Mcfarlane Reid
Tony Jones
Tracks Taylor