Between 5th – 14th Jan 2018 a unique Irish cultural festival will happen in Fremantle, Western Australia, called “Fenians, Fremantle & Freedom Festival” – showcasing the richness of Irish culture and it’s lasting impact on Australia.

The Festival is commemorating the150th anniversary of the arrival into Fremantle of the Hougoumont –  Australia’s last convict ship carrying 62 Irish Fenians.

The visual and performing arts, music and literary program will highlight the extraordinary fact that many of these Irish convicts were educated and cultured men who despite their wretched conditions and grim fate wrote poetry, taught each other songs, organised music concerts and published a weekly, hand written “newspaper” called “The Wild Goose”. They brought this fighting spirit, grit and love of their culture firmly across the ocean to Australia and, those who escaped, on to America.

A remarkable story retold by contemporary Irish & Australian artists, writers, musicians, historians and scholars that brings to the fore the enormous contribution that Irish men and women have made, and continue to make, to Australia and America’s cultural landscape.


To get in contact with the festival coordinators please visit the Committee page.